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Australian Tourism Industry Recovers and Thrives – Positive times to come

According to recent forecasts, the tourism industry in Australia is projected to make a comeback to pre-pandemic levels of expenditure this year and further reach $227.7 billion by 2027. The annual Tourism Forecasts for Australia project a promising future for the sector from 2021 to 2027. The report indicates that international tourism will continue to recover with an expected surpass of pre-pandemic levels of international tourist expenditure in 2024, and pre-pandemic arrivals to be exceeded by 2025.

These optimistic forecasts bring a positive outlook for the Australian tourism industry. Melbourne city hotels for instance can expect a higher number of reservations in this year. Hotels like Avani Melbourne Central Residences will see both international and local tourists. The Tourism Forecast predicts that by 2027, the top sources of international visitors are likely to include New Zealand, Europe, the US, UK, and India. Furthermore, China is expected to make a comeback and become a significant source of visitors during the forecast period.