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Bangkok Adopts AI-Assisted Traffic Cameras to Curb Violations – Enhance Safety

The metropolis of Bangkok has taken a technological leap towards enhancing road safety and curbing traffic violations. The city introduced AI-assisted traffic cameras, a significant step forward in managing the ever-growing traffic challenges. This significant upgrade was installed at 20 of the biggest intersections in the city, and these advanced cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms that can accurately detect and identify violations, such as speeding and running red lights, in real-time.

This innovative approach not only aims to deter reckless driving behaviours but also to create a safer environment for both pedestrians and motorists. By integrating cutting-edge technology into its traffic management strategies, Bangkok is showcasing its commitment to modernising urban infrastructure and safeguarding the well-being of its residents and visitors alike. This initiative highlights the potential of AI to revolutionise urban transportation systems and heralds a promising era of safer, more efficient roads in the city. You can now enjoy your stay at a hotel in Sukumvit area the likes of Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok and travel across the city with the knowledge that the roads are much safer.