Between two Worlds by MC Escher – Extended Opening Hours

A fan of art? Then consider paying a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria which will be showcasing an exhibition of works by MC Escher in Melbourne city this summer. Titled ‘’ Between Two Worlds’’, the showcase will include over 116 prints and drawings by the world-renowned Dutch artist as well an immersive environment by famed Japanese design studio ‘’Nendo’’.

The artwork is a loan from the Gemeentemuseum in the Hague and is enhanced by an engaging experience created by Nendo Design Studio. By manipulating spaces, geometry and perception similar to Escher, Nendo has designed a never before seen exhibition which works towards bringing the esteemed artist’s work to life. Those who are intent on paying a visit to the museum to take in the much-awaited exhibition can find accommodation at many hotels in Southbank including the likes of WRAP on Southbank.