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Boarding Pass May Soon Not Be Needed – The Future of Air Travel

The sudden and devastating arrival of the coronavirus and how quickly it spread from country to country has brought about a rapid advancement of technologies to prevent this from happening again in a global community where frequent air travel is a must, especially for business associates.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security Office (BCAS) have been in discussion around the world in the field of biometrics. Bringing this technology to the aviation industry has provided better security and monitoring passengers’ vitals to ensure no one infected with any sort of virus is on board a passenger plane, as was the case in most countries, where the virus came from abroad with a visitor or a business trip maker.

New technologies have always followed behind global crises as they did right after 9/11 which forever changed the face of air travel. The future could mean travellers looking for a hotel in Brisbane CBD the likes of iStay River City Brisbane, can make their important business trips to Australia sure that they have a clean bill of health and that they won’t risk the chance of catching anything on the plane.