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Angkor Wat

Cambodia Rejoices at the Gradual Increase of Tourists

While tourism all over the world took a major hit due to COVID-19, most countries have begun to return to their usual course, welcoming more and more arrivals each day. Similarly, Cambodia has witnessed a rise in their tourist arrivals, especially to Angkor, filling up FCC Angkor and many other Angkor Wat hotels. As reported on the News of Xinhuanet on the 17th of December 2022, local vendors nearby the Angkor Archaeological Park expressed their delight at this development.

According to the Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Angkor has been fortunate enough to welcome over 225,000 tourists over the first eleven months of 2022. Although the numbers may be low in comparison to the pre-pandemic era, Angkor remains hopeful for more and more foreign tourist arrivals to boost their tourism industry once again.