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Chiang Rai Vesak Day Miracle Celebrations 2021 – Remembering Gautama Buddha with honour

Lotus flower-themed Chiang Rai Vesak Day Miracle Celebration for the year 2021 will be held from the 01st to the 04th of June. Vesak not only commemorates the birth of Gautama Buddha, but also the enlightenment and the passing away (attaining Nirwana). This day is equally celebrated by many countries in the world including Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

The Vesak Day (Full Moon Day) falls on the 17th of May this time. Every Chiang Rai hotel the likes of Hotel Sooknirund will be decorated glamorously with lights and lanterns for Vesak, and diverse celebrations and spiritual observances will go on for a week. Locals will also head to temples around to worship the Lord Buddha and the sangha (monks), and tourists can also join these rituals if they like.