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China - Singapore Visa

China-Singapore visa exemption to begin soon – Expected tourism to be high

A reciprocal visa exemption agreement between China and Singapore is set to be officially implemented on February 9, coinciding with the eve of the Lunar New Year. The accord, ratified by representatives from both nations during a signing ceremony in Beijing, facilitates visa-free entry for ordinary passport holders from February 9 onwards. This exemption applies to various purposes such as tourism, family visits, business, and other personal matters, with a maximum stay of 30 days.

The announcement has sparked enthusiasm among Chinese netizens, evident in expressions like “No need to hesitate, let’s head straight to Singapore.” This surge in interest has led some to check for available flights, hinting at the potential for a tourism peak in both China and Singapore – regardless if one is thinking of shared living in Singapore. China has previously established visa exemption agreements with 157 countries, encompassing various passport categories. Furthermore, simplified visa procedures have been instituted with 44 countries, and mutual visa exemptions have been secured with 22 nations – meaning good news for brands like lyf One-North