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Chinano Conference and Expo 2021 – The leading nano-tech event in the world

China was one of the top countries in the world to take maximum advantage of advanced technologies such as nanotechnology. To address the growing needs in this field, and to educate the scholars, investors, and every other interested party about this leading technology, the Chinano Conference and Expo was held from the 27th to 29th of October 2021. The conference was held at the Suzhou International Expo Center in Suzhou, China.

Every luxury hotel in Suzhou the likes of Pan Pacific Suzhou and other properties close most likely received bookings from attendees of this global event from foreign guests after a while mainly due to the COVID 19 outbreak. The conference, although it attracted many attendees from all over the world, was held adhering to all the health and safety guidelines imposed by the WHO and local public health officials.