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COVID-19 Travel Insurance Undergoes Revisions – Hotels Also Offer More Flexibility

More and more global travel is taking place as seen with Singapore launching its first two vaccinated travel lanes on 8th September 2021 with Brunei and Germany. The need for pandemic-specific coverage has become important and insurers are looking to work such travel requirements into their policies. Apart from coverage for overseas medical expenses on COVID-19 treatments, hospitalisation, quarantine or evacuation, other aspects are being introduced as well; for example, some policies now cover the cancellation of a trip if a family member or the host providing one’s accommodation tests positive.

Accommodation providers have also revised their refund and cancellation policies to suit travellers who may have to suddenly change their plans. A great example can be seen at 5 star hotels in Singapore including SG Clean certified properties like Grand Park City Hall that offers maximum flexibility; guests can now cancel or change any reservation up to 24 hours before their arrival up to 31st March 2022 with a postponement date up to 31st December 2022. It will be hoped that such measures will continue to encourage travel worldwide.