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Cuba Boosts Eco-Tourism at Island Keys – Explore the natural side of Cuba

Beautiful Cuba is blessed with fine beaches of powdery sand and waves gently crashing against its shores. The greenery here is lush and the island is home to diverse wildlife too. Recently, Cuba has been promoting its wonderful nature to tourists and you’ll never know its true splendour until you’ve seen it for yourself.

For those interested in visiting Cuba, interCaribbean Airways is one of the best airlines in the Caribbean giving travelers the opportunity to explore the region. The most popular attraction on the island would be Cayo Largo’s turtle conservation project. Here visitors have the opportunity of a nocturnal experience to watch and learn more about how turtles mate and lay their eggs. The island takes steps to further encourage sustainable tourism as well. Cayo Balnco allows tourists to swim with dolphins and learn more about the local conservation projects.