Dambulla Green Project 2018 – Creating a ‘Green City’


In a move that is expected to help in reforestation, the Dambulla Green Project 2018 was recently initiated by the ATG Group of Companies in collaboration with the Dambulla Municipal Council. The ATG Group has invested two million rupees in this project which will see 1,000 ‘Kumbuk’ and ‘Khaya’ trees being planted in key areas of Dambulla city; this includes the premises of the Economic Centre and the vicinity of the Dambulla Cave Temple, a key attraction within easy reach for those staying at a hotel in Sigiriya the likes of Oak Ray Elephant Lake Resort.

The planting of these trees along with their maintenance will be handled by Citigardens which is known as a specialist in protected agriculture and micro-irrigation. The project which looks to turn Dambulla into a ‘Green City’ is seen as a welcome change since existing trees had to be cut down due to development drives and road expansions.