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Dubai Trumps Other Global Cities for Russian Tourists

Despite the majority of the tourism sector in Dubai being comprised of visitors from Saudi Arabia, India and the UK, in recent times one of the biggest demographics that has graced the sandy shores and metropolitan landscape of Dubai, are Russians. The influx of Russian tourists and the sudden popularity of Dubai as their preferred global destination have been attributed to the declining value of the Ruble, as well as falling oil prices.

The majority of Russians prefer hotels that are close to the beach and shopping areas, meaning that the likes of PER AQUUM Desert Palm, one of the major boutique hotels in Dubaiget the lion’s share of the influx. The average Russian, according to the majority of general managers in Dubai’s Five-Star hotels, prefer internationally renowned brands and are better spenders who choose to stay for much longer periods. Their low-sensitivity to prices also makes them a most desired group of clientele for Dubai’s sophisticated and highly sought after hotels.

Russians have high expectations of quality, and if their expectations are met, they are likely to be a recurring, and well-spending customers.