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Bungle Bungle National Park

Explore the Unique Beauty of Broome – An Australian Holiday unlike no Other

A holiday in Australia’s unique and rugged landscapes of Broome is what interests’ travellers post COVID-19 restrictions being lifted across the world.

Compared to the rest of Australia, Broome’s natural landscape, untapped beauty and rich Aboriginal heritage are a few of the many reasons why tourists are interested and that is not all. Thanks to not being considered a tourist hotspot, it is bound to be a much safer place to spend that hard-earned holiday after being in lockdown for months on end.

Accommodation in Broome is of the highest quality with luxury properties such as Oaks Broome catering to all kinds of clientele. There is also so much that can be done in Broome such as watch the sunset on the magical Cable Beach, the spectacular escarpments of Bungle Bungle National Park or the aptly named Staircase to the Moon. Western Australia’s wild country is where to go this summer!