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Fast from Dawn till Dusk, and Feast from Sunrise to Sunset – A Period of Prayer and Celebrations

The dawn of Ramadan means that there won’t be parties during the daytime; and tourists who aren’t Muslims should definitely abide by this rule as well. However, there are moments to be enjoyed, especially when the fast is broken at dusk. During this time, the Maldivians break their fast with a special evening meal called iftar. The mornings start with a meal known as suhoor. The dishes that are served during these meals are not commonly seen year-round and are special for the season. Ramadan treats include delicious juices such as watermelon, apricot, kamardine, or rose. Turkish coffee and buttermilk are two other mouthwatering beverages that are popular during this season.

Those who are based at Maldives island resorts the likes of Dhigali Maldives will be able to witness cultural celebrations for which the Ramadan season is famous. These celebrations may include concerts, belly dancers, fire performances, and other shows in the streets.