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Hong Kong Travel Sector sets up a Task Force to Deal with the Problem of Tour Group Overcrowding Neighbourhoods

Being one of the most modern city-states in Asia, Hong Kong is a destination that sprawls with a lot of tourists. Due to the increased number of tourists, the region is currently facing a number of issues, one of the major problems these days are, tourists overcrowding the region’s neighbourhoods. Reports state that this is mainly due to the visitors who arrive in Hong Kong from mainland China. Due to the proximity from China to Hong Kong, and because of the construction of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau the region is currently getting an influx of visitors and are struggling to handle the crowd.

In order to face this issue, the independent state has now formed a task force to manage the large crowds of tourists. The new body currently consists of 22 members from various sectors in the region and it is expected that the issues will deem to reduce in the following months. This action has been taken after getting repeated complaints from the neighbourhoods and places such as Sheung Wan hotel properties. Most of the resort properties the likes of Travelodge Central, Hollywood Road are also relieved after hearing this news as tourists from overseas have been complaining their resorts that they had much discomfort in exploring the regions due to large crowds of people.