Independence Day of Sri Lanka 2020 – Celebrating 72 years

Beautiful seas border, the tear-shaped mass of land that remains afloat on the Indian Ocean. Being a piece of land that has detached itself from India, Sri Lanka’s location is quite convenient when it comes to trading in the past and present both. It would be easier to reach the island and to trade here once and for all rather than making long journeys to other countries. The Spanish, Dutch and British people saw the potential and invaded Sri Lanka.

After arduous battles and negotiations, Sri Lanka finally gained her full independence in the year 1948. The locals couldn’t be more proud to celebrate the 72nd Independence Day of Sri Lanka this year. The celebrations will be held in Independence Square. To know more interesting facts about Sri Lanka, look into sites like Truly Sri Lanka. Learn about what the country is made of and why the European troupes of the past were lured here.