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India’s Rising Influence on Global Tourism

The resurgence of the Indian traveller is reshaping the international outbound travel industry, particularly as Chinese tourism faces setbacks due to pandemic-induced restrictions. Countries like Australia are witnessing a remarkable rebound in Indian tourist numbers, with 2023 travel figures aligning with pre-pandemic levels.

While Chinese travel to Australia has declined by 65%, Indian arrivals have remained steady, indicating a shift in global tourism dynamics. With India becoming a priority market for many countries, Tourism Australia anticipates a surge in Indian travellers, especially as recovery from other major markets like the UK remains slow. Stays at Broadbeach hotels the likes of Avani Broadbeach Residences have been preparing for the heavy influx in 2024. Despite challenges, Australia remains optimistic about the future of Indian tourism and looks forward to welcoming more visitors from the subcontinent, further solidifying India’s influence on the global tourism stage.