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Industry Experts Urge Shift in Policy Focus at Condominium Seminar

At the seminar held in September, experts in the real estate and housing sector from John Keells Holdings came forward to speak about what the future of Sri Lanka’s housing should be like.  Mr Mawilmada, an expert in the field based his speech on an in-depth study on the current challenges and opportunities in the housing market.

Collectively, with ideas from various experts in the field, the conference ended up with a set of solutions that could be presented to the government. The professionals all agreed that the production cost on various housing types are always on a steep rise and that is why the seller is forced to charge over-the-top prices for modern housing like those at TRI-ZEN. JKH feels that modern housing must be available to all in order to make the standard of living in Colombo even better for a start. Tax grants and better loan facilities accessible by the middle-class citizens too were two of the suggested solutions.