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International Conference On Leisure And Tourism – A Timely Conference

Sri Lankan travel, tourism, and hospitality sector almost collapsed during the past 2 years due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The global travel and tourism sector also faced the same experience, and this sector is recovering gradually in many parts of the world. The International Conference on Leisure and Tourism was organized in October 2021 by the Global Academic Research Institute (GARI) at such a time to create a global discussion on this topic with the participation of local and foreign industry experts.

The challenges and issues that a traveler would face when they plan to travel to Sri Lanka or any other country were discussed at this international conference. The weight granted by travel sites such as Truly Sri Lanka and the importance of encouraging these sites were also among the discussions. Such conferences will most likely be organized more frequently in the future as this topic should be brought to the limelight, especially during this challenging time.