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Intrepid expects SL’s adventure tourism market to rebound – 2023 is on its way to success

Intrepid Travel, the largest adventure travel company in the world based in Australia, anticipates Sri Lanka’s adventure tourism market to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels this year. Despite the challenges faced in the past year, Intrepid has noticed an increasing number of travellers returning to Sri Lanka. They have increased the number of trips to the country from 2019, targeting 5,000 adventure travellers this year, compared to 3,500 recorded in 2019.

Australia and the United Kingdom are key source markets for Sri Lanka on the Intrepid platform, followed by the United States. Intrepid CEO James Thornton sees huge potential in Sri Lanka for adventure tourism, with its diverse offerings including mountains, beautiful beaches, iconic cultural sites, and fantastic food, not to mention, great resorts and hotels in Galle the likes of The Fortress Resort & Spa. He is optimistic that Sri Lanka can become one of Intrepid Travel’s top 20 destinations among the 120 destinations they operate. Sustainability remains a core aspect of Intrepid’s travel experience, focusing on creating value for local stakeholders and communities.