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Japan starts accepting applications for COVID "vaccine passports" – Travel with relief

Japan starts accepting applications for COVID “vaccine passports” – Travel with relief

Japan has covered a significant portion of its local population through the vaccination program by now. The government has now decided to issue ‘Vaccine Passports’ to Japanese travellers who have got fully vaccinated. This will be a crucial document for them to travel internationally in the future. Countries including Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, and Austria have already agreed to accept these vaccine passports, and this will help travellers to enjoy quarantine-free travel in the future. The tourism officials are in discussions with other countries as well.

However, the domestic travel and tourism industry in Japan is booming. Furnished apartments in Tokyo the likes of Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo are most likely receiving considerable numbers of reservations from local travellers, and the trends keep increasing. Most attractions are also now open for visitors, and travellers are advised to enjoy each of them safely.