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Kurumba Maldives Celebrated World Tourism Day 2015 – Conservation Initiatives in Practice

On September 27th, as part of its celebration of World Tourism Day 2015, Kurumba Maldivesheld a number of special programmes and initiatives that were linked with conservation, sustainable development and fostering awareness concerning the important role played by tourism. One of the Maldives resorts belonging to Universal Resorts, this island property got involved in such projects as the cleanup of the local reef with special focus on removing crown-of-thorns starfish which are predators of corals. Added initiatives included energy conservation measures which saw many areas of the resort reducing air conditioning and lighting, while guests were invited to do the same within their rooms or villas. Speaking on the significance of such steps, Operations Manager of the resort, Maumoon Mustafa stated, “It is important to take a leadership role and ensure to invest maximum efforts in environmental protection and CSR programmes to create a better world for all.”