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Land values Sri Lanka’s Colombo district rise 4.6-pct – Urbanization at its peak!

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka tracks a Land Valuation Indicator on a semi-annual basis, and according to the latest statistics, property values within the Colombo district have risen by 4.6%. Living in Colombo has become something that many Sri Lankans dream of, and many foreigners also show interest in purchasing properties in Colombo, Sri Lanka for residential purposes or investment purposes.

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Many property developers are establishing their properties in Colombo at a rate, and because of this reason, people now have a wide range of choices including luxury apartment complexes such as TRI-ZEN by John Keells Properties. According to the statistics, the industrial property values had gone up by 4.6%, commercial property values by 4.5%, and residential values by 4.7%. The reliability of this report is believed to be high as it covers 5 DS divisions in the Colombo District during the tracking of the indicator.