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Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation Points the Importance of Wildlife – Incorporating Nature for Better Tourism

The Tourism Development Corporation in Lesotho in a recent statement pointed out the significance of conserving wildlife as a critical approach to improving the country’s tourism. A few stray animals were reported killed, and the following statement urged the public to report stray animals instead of resorting to violence and killing. Upon reporting, the corporation assured the animals will be assisted back to their habitats or provided shelter.

The corporation is a stakeholder in environmental conservation in the country while engaging in community programs such as community sensitisation and tourism educational programs. Many hotels in Lesotho Maseru encourage tourists to contribute to the eco-tourism and sustainability initiatives by the local government by refraining from harming wildlife. Book your reservation at Avani Lesotho Hotel & Casino for a stay close to the lush greenery and a myriad of wildlife.