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Long-Term Resident Visa for 10 Years Offered in Thailand – A New Draw for Travellers

As part of an initiative to attract more travellers, Thailand recently launched a scheme to offer foreigners a chance to apply for a 10-year long-term resident visa. Applications were open from 1st September 2022 for this visa; while the stay time can be extended as well, it also comes with various benefits including a permit for multiple re-entries, a chance to work in the country and a fast-track airport service. This scheme is also perfect for those looking to enjoy remote working here with options for staying at a serviced apartment in Bangkok; such accommodation is on offer at properties like Gardina Asoke Hotel & Residence ideal for both business and leisure.

Under the new programme, the long-term resident visa is on offer for foreigners under four categories; these are namely professionals who want to work from Thailand, wealthy global citizens and foreign retirees and highly skilled professionals, while there are conditions that depend on factors like personal income and assets. Additionally, such a visa holder’s spouse and kids below 20 years (up to four dependants) also qualify for this scheme.