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Malaysia’s Plans for 2024 include topping pre-pandemic numbers – An admirable goal for the future

Malaysia is setting ambitious goals for its tourism sector in 2024, targeting tourist arrivals to exceed the pre-pandemic levels. The country attributes this optimism to improved flight connectivity and the anticipation of a higher influx of visitors from China and India. During a forum in Kuala Lumpur, Tourism Malaysia Deputy Director General (Promotion) Musa Yusof expressed confidence that tourism arrivals in 2024 would surpass the 26.1 million foreign visitors recorded in 2019. The recent announcement of a 30-day visa-free entry for travellers from China and India, effective from December 1, underscores Malaysia’s commitment to boosting tourism revenue and providing business to brands like the Domitys Bangsar Kuala Lumpur.

The government’s upward revision of the 2023 year-end tourism target, from 16.1 million to 19.1 million arrivals, reflects the positive trends in visitor numbers throughout the year. Notably, Malaysia does not factor in day visitors entering the country through land borders when setting tourism targets – so those staying in certain areas, including but not limited to places like serviced apartments in Bangsar.