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Maldives Advertising Campaign Launched on CNN

Promotion Push Continues

In keeping with its ongoing efforts to promote the Maldives as a safe travel destination for post-COVID-19 holidays, the country recently launched an advertising campaign on globally popular news broadcaster, CNN. This strategy, highlighted on an article published last month on The Edition website, looks to advertise the country and keep it at the forefront of the minds of international viewers; it included vignettes, TV commercials and digital display banners on the website homepage of CNN.

image via https://www.niyama.com/

Amongst the campaign highlights were the “5 reasons to Insta love Maldives” vignette and “30 seconds of calm Maldives”, displaying the country’s serenity. Home to private island resorts, Maldives has seen its arrival numbers slowly but steadily increase following the reopening of its borders. Luxury hotels and resorts the likes of Niyama Private Islands Maldives are open for business once more and follow strict health guidelines as well.