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Maldives Coronavirus Measures for Tourists – Latest Updated Guidelines

Although the Maldives initially announced that it would introduce many expensive measures and precautions against COVID19 once the country was reopened to tourists, they have now taken a sharp turn by proposing cheaper holiday packages aimed at the specific countries that they opened their borders to on the 1st of July.

According to the original plan for reopening, visa fees to spend a holiday at Maldives resorts was proposed at $100 and £80 respectively, though pre-COVID tourists from the UK were given a 30-day visa on arrival. The $100 fee was supposed to fund the antigen test for COVID19 that tourists would be subjected to on arrival. But in a drastic turn of events, the tourism board has taken back their statement. You can now find plenty of sales and special stay offers for resorts the likes of Maldives resorts when you travel to the Maldives.