Maldives Listed as a Top Popular Destination – A Sought-after Travel Destination

According to reports given by the Chinese Tourism Academy and Ctrip, The Maldives has appeared in the top 20 on the list of the most popular destinations visited by Chinese tourists. Statistics prove that the number of local tourists leaving China has been increasing in general compared to the previous year.

Since China is a massive market, it is also important to the tourism industry in the Maldives. According to records of 2018, the percentage of the number of Chinese tourists arriving in the Maldives is 19%. This is the highest percentage of one particular target market. Maldives island resorts too saw an increase in the number of bookings by Chinese travellers. 150 million Chinese travelled out of the country and most for their holiday in the Maldives at hotels like Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives.