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May Day Celebrated in Sri Lanka – Supporting the Labour Movement

As in many countries around the world, Sri Lanka celebrated May Day on the first of this month, a time when the labour movement’s achievements are commemorated. It’s also known as International Workers’ Day and Labour Day and in Sri Lanka, diverse events took place to mark the occasion; these included huge rallies by labour unions as well as speeches by various political parties and leaders.

May Day is a public, bank and mercantile holiday in Sri Lanka and in lieu of it falling on Sunday this year, certain companies gave Monday off to their employees. This provided an ideal long weekend for families and friends looking to enjoy holidays during this time including a chance to travel to Kandy. The country’s scenic hill capital, it’s an ideal place to visit be it on May Day or any other time of the year; one can check specialist travel websites like Kandy Escapes that offer key insights on what more to expect at this destination.