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Modhesh World 2014- innovative and exciting experience with the family

Spend a summer filled with fun and entertainment with your family during your visit to the famous desert city Dubai. Modhesh World, the famous kid’s indoor venue set during summer is an ideal place to beat the Dubai heat. Travellers holidaying at Dubai luxury hotels such as Desert Palm Dubai with their families during the hot summer attended this exciting event and engaged in an array of activities that focused on science and education, with games ranging from Hello Kitty to Angry Birds.

This year’s event featured an interactive Transformers experience that coincided with the UAE premier of Transformers 4. Children had the opportunity to learn fascinating information on their favourite heroes, test their motor and spatial skills as well as logical and problem solving abilities. The entertainment venue also hosted an interactive experience based on Angry Birds Universe. Next year during summer if you are in Dubai make sure you take your kids Modhesh world and let them engage in a memorable experience.