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More Asian Nations Treating COVID-19 as Endemic

Less Restrictions & Faster Travel Recovery

This year, more Asian nations are beginning to treat COVID-19 as endemic. With such a move, countries are welcoming back international travellers once more. For instance, Singapore has been transitioning to an endemic phase and reopened its borders to all fully vaccinated travellers from 1st April 2022; the same approach was seen in Malaysia which also reopened to international travellers on 1st April this year, while Thailand is expected to declare COVID-19 as endemic by 1st July 2022.

It should be noted that the Maldives reopened its borders as early as July 2020 and is one of the most inspiring tourism success stories in the world. While entry to such destinations has become easier with fewer travel restrictions in place, tourists are also provided with safe accommodation. This can be experienced during stays at properties of a well-known hotel chain in Asia; this includes the likes of the Park Hotel Group where strict health and hygiene protocols are in place ensuring guests have worry-free holidays. With nations treating COVID-19 as endemic an increase in traveller arrivals can be expected along with a faster tourism recovery which in turn will help boost the local economy.