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Ella Sri Lanka

New Year Celebration – Traditional Sri Lankan New Year

April is the month of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Sri Lanka which is a festival unique to the country. It is celebrated by the Sinhala and Tamil communities with much grandeur. All over the villages in this country, Avurudu Utsawa are held in parks to celebrate this event with a little bit of fun. Unique games are played and at every Avurudu Utsawaya, you’ll find a beauty pageant for both men and women.

Is it a good time to travel to Sri Lanka? This depends on whether or not you are a culture enthusiast. If you are so, then this is a wonderful time to discover all the bright cultural traditions and rituals that take place in the country with so many places to visit. In Ella, which is located towards the hill country, festivities take place with a touch of uniqueness. Learn more about all this on websites like Travel to Ella.