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Oman to Face a Significant Surge in Tourism

Following two years of restricted travel and tourism, countries have begun a gradual process of relaxing their COVID-19 regulations, paving the way to normalising international travel once again. Expecting a strong recovery from the pandemic downturn in 2022, hotels in Muscat – Oman benefitted from the diminishing COVID-19 regulations as tourists began to travel to luxury hotels like Avani Muscat Hotel.

As reported on Zawya on the 23rd of June 2022, the first four months of 2022 witnessed a surge of 137.6% in tourist arrivals, with a hotel guest rate of 34.7%. These numbers are expected to climb even higher as Qatar hosts the FIFA World Cup 2022, an opportunity to boost tourism where tourists will be able to take shuttle flights to Oman from Qatar. Recording significant growths in flights at most Oman airports, the country has already been proving its capacity to host tourists, which comes as a positive sign for the latter half of the year.