Proposal to Limit Arrivals to Macau Rejected – Visitor Numbers Not to Be Restricted

A recent proposal to limit visitor numbers to Macau has been rejected by local lawmakers. The bill which was presented by the youngest member of Macau’s Legislative Assembly was voted on by assembly members; of the total 28 votes, 22 were in favour to dismiss the proposal. One of the richest gambling hubs in the world, Macau depends heavily on visitors and such a cap would negatively affect arrivals.

The popularity of Macau has surged with more and more visitors arriving each year, enjoying the choice of gambling at luxury casinos and staying at Macau five star hotels including properties such as Hotel Okura Macau. In fact, in 2018, visitor numbers to Macau were estimated at a record 35.8 million with a majority of arrivals from mainland China which continues to be a key market.