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Quarantine Time in Hong Kong Reduced – Restrictions Eased for Vaccinated Travelers

In June this year, Hong Kong announced that vaccinated travellers would be granted reduced quarantine time; according to these new measures, those who have received the full dose of a COVID-19 vaccine need to quarantine at a designated hotel for only seven days. This rule does not apply however to a few countries that are deemed “high-risk places” and travellers should always check for updates before they visit.

The reduced quarantine period came into effect at the end of June and was initially only for residents of Hong Kong; subsequently, non-residents were also eligible to enjoy this easing of restrictions which is seen as key to help the tourism industry get back o track. Apart from designated quarantine accommodation, there are also 4-star hotels in Hong Kong certified by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA); such properties include the likes of Park Hotel Hong Kong that have adopted enhanced hygiene and cleanliness protocols to ensure safe stays.