Ramadan Day – Celebrated with much grandeur

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Ramadan is a very important Muslim festival celebrated all over the world by devotees. The day on which the festival falls is said to move up 11 days each year. This is because of the irregular months and years in the Gregorian and Islamic calendars. According to the Islamic calendar, it is celebrated on the 9th month.

During this period, the religion has strict rules where devotees have to fast during the daytime, this means no food and no water too. This fasting period lasts for about 26 to 30 days depending on the waxing of the moon. This year, the fasting period begins on the 5th of May and Ramadan celebrations are on the 4th of June. Destinations like the Maldives will be popular for celebrations, those who have booked their stay with hotels like Faarufushi Maldives will be lucky enough to witness some of the rituals and celebrations.