Real Estate Investment in Colombo Set To Increase – Positive Signs for the Future

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka | Image Credit : Zscout370 [Public domain]

In a recent article published by well-known Sri Lankan newspaper, the Sunday Observer, it was brought to light that real estate investment in Colombo is set to increase threefold over a seven year period. While the latter part of 2018 saw the country go through political and economic instability, the real estate industry did not face a lack of interest by international and local investors which is carrying on into 2019. This is especially true when it comes to modern apartment living in Colombo as the city is seeing a boon in such developments such as the upcoming TRI-ZEN project.

The growing interest in this sector was also highlighted in a survey conducted in 2018 regarding investment preferences of Sri Lankans; it was found that the majority preferred to invest their money in real estate, followed by fixed deposit and stocks & trusts investments respectively.