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Republic Day in the Maldives

Celebrating the abolition of the monarchy

Image credit- Pixabay,1966666,CC0

November is always a very important month for every Maldivian because the Republic day on which the establishment of the Republic of Maldives happened back in 1968. Since then, the Maldives has been an ever-developing nation on its own and a nation loved by the world through the arms of tourism.

Currently, there is a festive side to this special day, and as it marks a public holiday in the Maldivian calendar, the Maldives island resorts also get vastly benefited with more families and friends arriving in the country to spend their time leisurely.  Popular hotels the likes of Hard Rock Hotel Maldives, are likely to be full up with tourists with a great interest in watching the Republic Day parades and walks for a change in their travel routines in the Maldives.