Road safety will be increased in Hulhumale – Taking steps to reduce collisions

Traffic | Image Credit: Gemma LongmanBangkok traffic by g-hatCC BY 2.0

Recently, on the streets of Maldives, especially in Hulhumale excessive traffic has been causing a number of collisions on the road. The increasing number of accidents may be a problem for tourism which is a thriving sector in the country. Therefore, this has caught the attention of the Maldives government. Azleen Ahmed, the Minister of Home Affairs stated that action will be taken right away to rectify this issue.
Traffic will be controlled by the Maldives Police Service. The Minister of Home Affairs also said that he and all the institutions involved in the project will make sure that necessary steps are taken to prevent further collisions at Hulhumale. Tourists accommodated in Maldives luxury hotels, for example, the popular Adaaran Club Rannalhi will be able to travel about in safety as well. The government aims to make all islands safe for everyone.