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Siem Reap Gears to Greet the Influx of Tourists with a Revamped Outlook

Siem Reap, the opening wedge to the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat takes a new look with the hope of increasing its tourist arrivals by threefold in the next 15 years. This overhaul of Cambodia’s most coveted city was a part of a plan set in motion during the pandemic and the construction was finalized by March. This one-of-a-kind USD 150 million project also aims to develop rural communities through ample measures like road widening, construction of highways, creation of bicycle lanes, dilation of broadband access, and many more.

Visiting Angkor Wat is one of the irresistible Siem Reap things to do amidst other bucket list items such as sunrise tours, circus shows, and waterfall expeditions. Better still, if you stay at a property like Anantara Angkor Resort, you will be located within a 15-minute ride away from this UNESCO world heritage site of Angkor Wat. Today, this heritage site is welcoming tourists from around the world to relish the revamped city as they take a tour around Angkor’s ever-so-famous temples by tuk- tuk, Vespa, or helicopter.