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Sri Lanka aims to double tourist travels in 2020 – Be ‘So Sri Lankan’ in 2020

Although the Sri Lankan tourism sector was severely affected by the Easter Sunday terror attacks in April 2019, the country still could attract 1.91 million tourists throughout the year, as per the statistics. India, China, and Britain were the major markets for Sri Lankan tourism last year, and this year’s plans have been set up by the authorities to attract 4 million tourists from all markets, not being limited to the mains.

The tagline ‘So Sri Lankan’, however, will be continued in the global publicity campaigns coming ahead, and the authorities also say that they expect this target to be achievable as the average daily spending and the average duration of tours are also expected to increase in 2020. With the establishment of domestic flights in Sri Lanka offered by trusted private sector organizations such as Cinnamon Air, tourists coming to Sri Lanka are exposed to multiple experiences and all these, in accumulation, provide positive hopes towards promoting Sri Lankan tourism industry.