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Sri Lanka Among the Countries Approved by Russia to Travel to Post-COVID-19 – Signs of Recovery

Sri Lanka, along with nine other countries, recently made a list of approved destinations to travel to by Russia. This has been cited as a positive affirmation of how Sri Lanka has been able to successfully combat the COVID-19 outbreak at a national level. It also provides the country’s travel and tourism industry with a much-needed helping had to bounce back from the restrictions imposed upon it out of necessity.

With the Bandaranaike International Airport officially set to open for international passengers in September, the future looks hopeful for the country and its tourism industry. Now, it is up to both the government and local establishments to promote national attractions in order to draw travellers to the island once again. This could mean promoting Sri Lanka’s national parks of highlighting things to do in Pasikuda – like relaxing at resorts like the Calm Resort & Spa.