Sri Lanka being promoted as the best destination for film shooting – Tropical Vistas

Destinations Srilanka | Image Credit : AstronomyinertiaLaxapana falls 1CC BY-SA 3.0

Recently the Sri Lanka Consulate General In Mumbai organized a discussion between the Sri Lanka Film Tourism delegation and the Dharam Productions, the largest film production in Mumbai which took place on the 23rd of February 2019.

The delegation which represented the Sri Lanka Film Tourism comprised six film producers including respected film producer Chandran Ratnam. They also went on to participate in the India International Film Tourism Conclave 2019 which took place on the 21st -23rd of February 2019.

Consul General Chamari Rodrigo proceeds to invite Indian film producers to Sri Lanka for shooting as the tropical island has been quite a popular film shooting destination pf many notable Hollywood movies since the 1950s as well. Things to do in Sri Lanka are a plenty as well with many tour operators including the likes of Walkers Tours offering visitors an interactive glimpse of what the island has to offer global travellers.