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Sri Lanka opens with quarantine-free measures for fully jabbed Indian tourists – Welcome back to the paradise island nation

As per the latest news, Sri Lanka is now open to Indian travellers and these Indian tourists do not even have to undergo a quarantine process as long as they are fully vaccinated and test negative for COVID 19 on arrival. Even those who have got themselves fully vaccinated with the Covaxin vaccines are eligible for this. Travellers who come to the country will have to take a PCR test upon arrival and if this reflects negative results, they will be indeed be allowed to freely explore the country without a quarantine period. However, every traveller will have to adhere to basic safety tips such as wearing masks and maintaining social distance as well.

All Kalutara beach hotels the likes of Turyaa Kalutara Hotel will most likely be eager about this news as India has always been a major tourist market for Sri Lanka. Since Sri Lankan Airlines also has plans to enhance their flight schedules between Sri Lanka and India, Indian travellers can soon expect to be welcomed to the paradise island with true hospitality.