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Sri Lanka Plans Creator-Based Marketing Tactic: Basking in the Aftermath of Nas Daily

Building on the success of Nas Daily’s viral video reaching over 25 million viewers, the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) is implementing a targeted influencer marketing strategy. Chairman Chalaka Gajabahu announced plans to host 30 wellness influencers from France and Germany in collaboration with the European Union.

Spending an average of $185-$195 daily, European tourists, including those from Poland and the Netherlands, are a growing market segment. Furthermore, the recent visit of Polish celebrity Dorota Rabczewska generated significant interest from her home country, highlighting the potential of targeted influencer campaigns. Looking beyond Europe, renowned Canadian culinary influencer Luke Martin is expected to travel to Sri Lanka for content creation, targeting an audience of 30 million. While the financial details of these influencer partnerships were not disclosed, the SLTPB’s strategy emphasizes specific tourism categories like wellness and culinary experiences, aiming to attract high-spending European visitors and expand its international reach.  For more information on why visits to Sri Lanka are highly recommended, check out the informative blogs at Truly Sri Lanka.