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Sri Lanka Plans to Welcome Tourists Soon – Tourism Industry in Need of a Boost

Following the easing of lockdown restrictions within the country, Sri Lanka is expected to soon open the international airport to welcome foreign tourists while maintaining stringent health and hygiene guidelines. Initially, the airport was expected to reopen on 1st August 2020, but that was delayed; this was due to the fact, that more arrangements were been made to bring home Sri Lankans working abroad who were stranded due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions.

The hospitality sector is hopeful that the easing of travel restrictions internationally and the opening up of the airport will begin to slowly bring in foreign visitors; this will provide a much-needed boost to the tourism industry which has been affected on a global scale by the COVID-19 pandemic. It should be noted that many hotels in Sri Lanka have opened up and brands the likes of Amagi Hotels are catering to domestic travellers who are beginning to book holidays once more.