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Sri Lanka Privileged to Host the 75th Edition of Miss Tourism World 2022 – A night of glamour awaits! 

As Sri Lanka strives to regain its strength in the tourism sector, the generosity of Russia and Croatia, who had also been shortlisted to host the 75th edition of the Miss Tourism World 2022 was portrayed as they voluntarily handed over the project to the little island in the Indian Ocean. As a country rich in historical and cultural sites, the number of places to visit in Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Galle, Kandy, Jaffna, and other regions of the country are many, and the contestants have been offered the opportunity to tour Sri Lanka and explore its charm and beauty. Therefore, this served as an opportunity for the country to draw in more tourists to hotels like Hotel Sudu Araliya Polonnaruwa.

The event is scheduled to be held on the 20th of January 2023 as 80 countries will mark their presence on the island, blessing the country with a destination value of USD 40 million. As the 75th edition of the pageant, this ceremony is a milestone event, and Sri Lanka is privileged to host a memorable and historically significant celebration of Miss Tourism World.