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Sri Lanka Sees Continued Increase in Tourist Arrivals – Foreign Earnings Soar as Well

Sri Lanka’s tourism industry has slowly but surely gotten back on track following the pandemic and the reopening of international borders and this has been mirrored in a continued increase of arrivals. By 15th November this year, the island nation had welcomed 1,200,119 tourists for 2023 who had helped to generate a foreign income of 1.59 billion U.S. dollars. Another noteworthy point was that the arrivals from 1st to 15th November stood at 74,664 according to the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority; this was significant since it was the greatest number of foreign travellers to have been recorded in the first two weeks of any month this year.

With the holiday season well underway, more tourists are expected in the weeks to come, and this bodes well for the island which is looking to attract two million visitors by the year’s end. This Indian Ocean nation continues to be a top choice for travellers who are also enjoying stays at the best Sri Lanka hotels. These include properties of reputed hospitality brands like Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts which offer access to key destinations where visitors can experience beachside bliss, mountain escapes, rich culture, and thrilling wildlife encounters.