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Sri Lanka Tourism Getting Back on Track – Increase in Arrivals in Q1

Following the reopening of its international borders, Sri Lanka has been showing steady signs of recovery in terms of its tourism industry despite the economic challenges. The first quarter of 2022 featured a marked rise in arrivals with an impressive 106,500 tourists recorded in March. While arrivals dropped in April, it should be noted that the period from April to June has historically been the off-season with numbers usually increasing again from July.

As mentioned on the EconomyNext news website on 2nd May 2022, the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) has forecasted that the market will pick up in August and then again in November. With the country offering quarantine-free holidays and reduced restrictions, it will be hoped that more tourists will arrive in the months to come. It continues to be a premier destination for travellers who can enjoy the rich culture, exotic wildlife, mountain adventures and beachside escapes at destinations like Marawila; hotels here, that have been certified ‘Safe & Secure’ such as Amagi Beach also have stringent health and sanitisation measures in place providing worry-free stays for coastal holidays.